About Us

Longwood Aquariums

Located in the heart of Central Florida, Longwood Aquariums is dedicated to providing our customers with all of their reef tank needs. We work tirelessly to ensure our livestock is at peak health when it arrives in our shop and when it is sold to our consumer. We consistently hold our vendors to the highest standards and only work with those vendors who meet those expectations.

Over the years, Longwood Aquariums has prided itself on being your neighborhood source for quality saltwater aquarium products. By doing this, we have gained the trust and confidence of our customers that know they are buying quality products from a reputable source. If you've never visited our shop, we hope you will do so and experience the difference for yourself.

As hobbyists, we wanted to create a business that was truly special. This is our craft, and it shows in every facet of our business. 

Think you're missing out if you don't live in Central Florida? Think again. We are much more than a local fish store. Because of our recent partnership with Clear Water Reef Supply, we are able to ship our livestock and dry goods throughout the United States.